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FOSHAN HUISHEN TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. strives to provide high-quality transmission products in the industry. Our main products are timing belt pulley, Sprocket, gear,round belt pulley ,power lock, coupling high precision mechanical components, roller and roller bed, etc . We also manufacture and sell PU/rubber timing belt, V-belt, round belt, V-ribbed belt, conveyor belt, transmission flat belt, lifting belt and other special transmission belts ......

Huishen Transmission
Your transmission machinery expert
Professional at producing various kinds of timing belt pulley,gear,sprocket...
Pu round belt: no seam, wear resistance, small elongation, long use time
Manufacture of various kinds of timing belts:joint and without joint,tensile, wear resistant
OEM service is available,just send us your drawing,we can make you idea come true
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Timing belt pulley
Timing belt
Multi-ribbed pulley
Pu round belt
Bevel gear
Round belt pulley
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